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Valley of Flowers Festival Applications

Queen Candidate


1. Candidate must meet the following:

A. be single;                                                            E. be a Junior in high school;
B. never have been married;                               F. may not have been a former candidate;
C. not be pregnant or ever had a child;             G. must be 16 before April 30, and not 18
D. be a resident of the City of Florissant;                   before April 30 of the festival year

2. All candidates will obtain their own sponsor who must pay the candidate’s sponsorship fee of $150 and furnish a car or float for the candidate to ride in during the parade. (The sponsor is not responsible for purchasing the candidate’s dress.) The candidate’s car or float must be entirely covered by decorations. Exception: antique cars (50 plus years old) do not have to be decorated. Upon acceptance as a candidate, the office will provide parade rules, a parade application, and narrative form to the Queen Candidate. It’s the candidate’s responsibility to communicate with their sponsor regarding the parade rules, parade application, the narrative form, decoration of the entry, and all matters relating to the process. The candidate must return the completed parade application and narrative form to the office before the first Friday in April. The office, via e-mail, will send all information to the candidate. The Festival theme is at  You may contact the office for help finding a sponsor.

3. All applications must be accompanied by proof of age (photocopy of Florissant Resident Card, and photocopy of driver’s license or birth certificate) and one (1) 5×7 inch color photograph in portrait layout (on photo paper) or professional school photo. Upon acceptance as a candidate, the office will schedule a no-cost photo session at the Florissant Cable TV Station for the candidate.

4. Queen Candidate Applications will be accepted from now until the last Friday in March by mail, by e-mail at the address below, or in person at the Valley of Flowers office, 601 rue St. Charles, Florissant, MO 63031. Competition is limited to 25 candidates; however, six candidate spots are reserved for the Valley of Flowers Benefactors (a group of organizations and businesses who are longtime supporters of the festival). The Benefactors are: Citizen’s Bank, Commerce Bank, Rotary Club of Florissant, Greater North County Chamber of Commerce, Don Henefer Jewelers, and Knights of Columbus Duchesne Council #2951. The office processes the applications in the order received until there are 25 candidates accepted.

Applications are not complete until the office receives all the material in item 3 above and the sponsorship fee.


Missing any of the following events will cause you to forfeit your rights to become a queen candidate:

1. Attend the Meet and Greet meeting – date to be announced.
2. Attend the “Candidate Tea and Dinner” – date to be announced. At the dinner the candidates are presented to the committee, sponsors, families and friends.
3. The Candidate or their designee must attend a safety meeting at the James J. Eagan Center on dates to be announced.   Non-attendance will prohibit candidates from parade participation.
4. Attend such events as may be scheduled for all candidates; i.e. parades, other festival activities (unless excused by the Festival Committee).
5. Ride in the Valley of Flowers Parade on Sunday of the Festival weekend.


1. During their reign the Queen and her court must remain single, must not become pregnant, and must remain a Florissant resident.
2. Fulfill requests made by the Committee regarding personal appearances not limited to parades and appearances at local civic events (unless excused by the Festival Committee). There will be certain dress requirements for these events.
3. Notify the Committee immediately if unable to meet all duties of the Queen. If this occurs you will relinquish all rights to the title.
4. Attend next year’s Valley of Flowers “Candidate Tea and Dinner” and Parade.
5. If the duties above are not met, the First Runner-Up will automatically become Queen for the duration of the reign and will assume the obligations of the Queen. All gifts not yet awarded to the Queen will be presented to the First Runner-Up.
If after serious consideration of the requirements you believe that you cannot fulfill all of them, please do not submit the application for candidacy.
Please keep these rules in a safe place for future reference. If you have any questions, please call the office at 837-0033 or e-mail

Office Address

Please make checks payable to “Valley of Flowers Festival” and send to or drop off at:

Valley of Flowers
601 rue Saint Charles
Florissant, MO 63031

Queen Candidate Application

Only the first 25 valid applications will be accepted thru the last Friday in February.
(Applications are processed as received and maybe submitted via mail or in person.)

By submitting this signed form, I hereby certify that I have read the Rules and that:

1. I am in compliance with all items of Rule One (1) of the Queen Candidate Rules.
2. I agree to abide by all the Rules and Duties and Responsibilities of a Candidate.
3. If chosen as Queen or a member of the Court, I will fulfill all Duties and Responsibilities of the Court unless excused by the Festival Committee. If I am unable to satisfy the required obligations I will relinquish all rights and awards associated with being on the court.
4. I understand the Committee has the right to verify all information on this application.
5. I hold harmless the Sponsoring Organization and the City of Florissant for any loss or damage to person or applicant’s property.
With this application submit: one 5×7 color photo in portrait orientation (on photo paper) or professional school photo; copies of applicant’s Florissant resident card, and driver’s license or birth certificate; and $150.00 non-refundable fee (if application is accepted). Upon acceptance as a candidate, the office will schedule a no-cost photo session at the Florissant Cable TV Station for the candidate as part of the application packet.

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